Thursday, September 11, 2008

There are worries that the new Large Hadron Collider thingy buried under the French-Swiss border will generate tiny black holes which might somehow manage to exist on their own, grow in size and suck the planet earth inside out before going on to swallow the solar system,

etc etc.

Other less worried sorts have pointed out that the sorts of particle collisions being generated by this large gizmo occur naturally when gamma rays enter our atmosphere and so that the only difference here is that these collisions will be measurable and therefore useful for understanding the conditions of the universe several seconds after the big bang.

I dunno. It's all too much for me. Too many details.

The machine was turned on yesterday and particles are now whipping around the long circumference of the machine. At some point in the next few weeks a lot of clever people will begin aiming particles at each other and getting them to collide.

It's promising to be a busy few weeks here in Penicuik. I'm not looking forward to everything which needs to be done. It would be just my luck to have the world end after my upcoming Vestry meetings and not before.

Our sister in Christ over at Get out of Jail Free has a link to the following website where you can have the fundamental question answered without getting too bogged down in the details.

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Jane said...

Don't worry it's all been going on beneath my feet here in France (I got rather cross about people saying CERN was in the Alps it's in at foot of the Jura opposite the Alps) anyway they've turned it off now, probably because a fuse blew - I hope they have Swiss rather than French fusesm but either are pretty dodgey in my experience.